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 We have found a new server

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We have found a new server Empty
PostSubject: We have found a new server   We have found a new server EmptyWed Dec 14, 2011 11:00 am

After looking for a while we finally have found a new server that suits our exspectations,

Server goes live at 28 December 2011 ( I will add the time after it's been posted at the site ).

19:00 gmt+1

Server site : www.lineage2gaming.com


World of Ashton is a private server running on a Lineage 2 OFF Platform without customized items.
The difficulty of the server is medium; the gameplay is focused on both sides PvE and PvP.

Server Machine
Processor Model: Intel Xeon L5640, 4-Core
RAM Count: 12GB DDR3
Hard Drives: Intel SSD X25-M 80 GB
Internet Connection: 1 Gbps

Retail Information
Chronicle: Interlude
Experience: 70x Skill Points: 70x Adena: 150x
Enchant Rate Fighter 55% Enchant Rate Mage 44%
Auto Learn: All skills are auto learn
Augmentation System: 100% working
Cursed Weapon System: 100% working with boosted effects
20 Level Penalty: Removed
Buff Slots: 24 buffing slots working properly
Debuff Slots: 10 debuffing slots working properly
+6 Enchanted set effects: 100% Working
Olympiad System: 100% Working
Fusion Skills: 100% Working
Max. Level: 80

Custom Information
Description: Each time you win an PvP/PK your character will be rewarded with a Combat Box; double click on it to find out what is inside.
Description: There will be two types of events, Real Life Prizes Events and Ingame Prizes Events. Most of the Real Life Prizes events will request a registration fee. Extreme rewards include iPhone, iPod, Laptop.
Description: Lineage 2 Gaming developed its own anti exploit protection that will guarantee you an awesome gameplay, without corruption or hacks ingame.
Description: Boosted Areas are providing unique drops, special raid bosses and increased Exp/Sp. Ashton is based on 3 boosted areas.

Easy Area - Dragon Valley Caves Entrance (61+)
Medium Area - Dragon Valley Caves Heart (76+)
Hard Area - Ruins of Despair (80+)
Description: GM Shops between D and S-Grade, NPC Buffers up to 2nd class buffs.
Description: Subclass will be available without quest, you can find the items in GM Shop; for Noblesse you can buy in GM Shop the items, but the quest is retail-like. Barakiel respawn time is 2h.
Description: Augmentation Skills were balanced, redone in 8 new skills that you can obtain with a Life Stone.

Ashton Soul Increases your maximum MP.
Ashton Body Increases your maximum HP.
Ashton Shield Increases your maximum physical defense.
Ashton Magic Increases your maximum magical defense.
Ashton Agility Increases your maximum evasion.
Ashton Guidance Increases your maximum accuracy.
Ashton CP Increases your maximum CP.
Ashton Sprint Increases your maximum speed.
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We have found a new server
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