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Server Machine

Processor Model: Intel Core i7
RAM Count: 16GB DDR3
Hard Drives: SSD 120 GB
Internet Connection: 1 Gbps

Rates Information

Chronicle: Interlude
Experience: 55x
Skill Points: 55x
Adena: 200x
Enchant Rate Fighter: 50%
Enchant Rate Mage: 40%

Shopping Area - Giran Castle Town

Basic Informations :
- All new created characters spawn in main town level 20 with TOP D gear with shots for a easier start.
- Delevel Manager.
- Elixirs CP/MP/HP : 1k restore of the specific type / 60 seconds reuse.
- Anti Buff Shield ( toggle skill that blocks all unwanted buffs )
- Clan halls to have Custom Gatekeeper and NPC Buffer.
- Custom Potion : Empower lvl 3.
- Offline shopping system.
- Herb System disabled.

Solo Farm Areas - Varka Silenos Outpost & Ketra Orc Outpost

Subclass System - Star of Destiny in Misc Shop + Mimir's Elixir materials.

Noblesse System - Retail like quest, lunargent and hellfire can be found in GM Shops, Barakiel respawn time 2 hours.

Fusion Armor - Little bit higher stats than normal s grade armors, to keep the game more interesting and fun.
(To obtain Fusion Armor normal S grade must be "upgraded")

NPC Buffers - 1st, 2nd and 3rd class buffs can be found at the NPC Buffer. Buffs last 2 hours.

GM Shops & Global Gatekeepers - GM Shops up to S grade and Global portal around the world.

Boosted Raid Bosses - Varka's Commander Mos, Varka's Hero Shadith, Varka's Chief Horus, Ketra's Commander Tayr, Ketra's Hero Hekaton, Ketra's Chief Brakki - dropping Fusion Armor parts, clan eggs and more, respawn time 12 hours +/- 30 minutes.

Augmentation Information - Retail like and from custom Raid bosses.

Class Informations - Class type supporters as like : Spectral Dancer , Sword Muse will have a +7% boosted stats in P.Atk and Atk.Spd. / Class type Dagger as like : Adventurer , Ghost Hunter , Wind Rider have the lethal land rate slightly reduced.

Siege Information : - Sieges : We will have only 4 Castles opened for sieges ( Goddard / Rune / Giran / Aden ) / (The Sieges for every castle will be weekly) / The Crown of Lord has 500 HP bonus.

Olympiad Information - Olympiad Town : Heine / Augmentation is allowed in olympiad / Fusion Armor is allowed in olympiad / Epic jewls are allowed on olympiad / Olympiad period : 2 weeks.

Farming Information :
- To add SA on a S grade weapon you need 1 SA crystal.
- To create 1 SA crystal you need 500 crystal fragments.
- Ancient Adena is dropping in : Execution Grounds / Cemetary / DVC / Varka and Ketra

Combat Reward System - Each time a player wins a pvp or pk he will get rewarded with an coin that can be exchanged for fun items.

Day and Night System:
Based on in-game time.
During day: +15% exp/sp bonus and 10% adena bonus
During night: +20% drop/spoil bonus

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